Conceptual Planning

Step 16

Design Concept

The Hoffman homestead is a beautiful rolling space accentuated by a pond as a captivating central element. The young fruit orchard and nut trees growing will provide a variety of substantial nutritional food options for the family well into the future. With the partially wooded oasis in place, there is a current natural ecosystem providing privacy; and buffer from noise, wind, and other elements. Encouraging the growth of these woodlands by soil regeneration, and implementing a variety of diverse species, is a central element of this design. There are areas of land where we will encourage native plant species that grow well in native rain gardens. This will further cleanse water and prevent flooding in particular areas of land where this occurs.

Goal Statement

The Hoffman property expands as a diverse ecosystem, each unique ecosystem being an important functional aspect and a central element of the whole. Where the water is directed for useful purposes with the help of native plants, and composting restoring soil to its most vital state. The greenhouse is a sustainable resource, providing food and energy throughout the seasons. The pond provides a guild system of epic beauty consisting of various native species of plants, animals, fish and predatory insects. All of this contributing to a complete holistic ecosystem where all of the diversity of life is naturally being fully sustained by itself.

Step 17  Design Process Pictures

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