Bike Field Trip

Today was an amazing day, as we seen three wonderful home gardens that I had no idea it existed .

4th street garden

The first stop was on the corner of 4th and Broadway street. The front garden of the house has a beautiful setup. It has a large oak tree, which provides a good shelter for the diversity of plants growing underneath them. The garden mainly consists of perennial plants. The soil was very rich and filled with organic matter, and beneficial insects. The garden had a great diversity of flowers that attract bee and other beneficial insects. The back yard was filled with many garden beds, including two paw-paw trees. The owners also made there own compost fro all the waste in their garden. They have a rain catchment system that collects 1500 gallons of water. The site took nine years to be fully established.

Our next stop was Brian’s house. Brain has a beautiful house south east of town. This was a very different site compared to the first one that we went to, as this is the first year that the garden was established. IN the front garden Brain has setup a few guilds. One of the guilds has asparagus, and serviceberry and comfrey. He also has graphted trees of which he graphted three different onto. In the back yard Brain has built a beautiful patio, and laid a foundation for solar oven.

Banana Pit

I was really amazed with Brian’s creativity, as it was expressed in all aspects of his work. Below the patio he has created a grey water system, which feeds into a banana pit that he has recently planted. These are wild bananas and growth really fast. On the south side of the property Brian has constructed a burm, of which most of the material came from the patio. Here is an example of a permaculture principle; each element supports many functions. Brian also has many other plants and a herb garden that he has started. He also has two paw-paw trees that he started from seed.

Pollacks Home

The next stop was the Pollack’s. This was an amazing place filled with diversity in all directions. The plot consisted of a vegetable garden, chickens, large ash wood trees, and many other trees, and a home built shower. I would of never of imagined that there would be an oasis of beautiful plants and flowers here in Fairfield. The entire garden has many trees, which shelter the garden and provide a microclimate for all the plants to thrive. The home really expressed the consciousness of the residence. The atmosphere was very calm and serene, which invited various types of birds.

The entire field trip was a full of knowledge and exciting, as I learnt a lot of different techniques that other people used in their gardens. This is always useful, since gardening does not really have a set of rules to follow. It always depends on climate, soil type and the attitude of the gardener. I really appreciate these field trips as it is a new way to learn, share and integrate knowledge learnt in class.


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