Eco-Fair Blog

Richard Khan

The eco fair was really amazing, as I learn t so many new skills and ideas that will prepare for me for the future. To start of I went to Richard Khan’s talk. I thought that it was very interesting, as he spoke about the change that we need to make in society, due to the disconnect from the individual and the environment.

I also attended the talk by Kevin Doyle on job search within the field of sustainability. This was very inspiring as he broke down the necessary steps needed to take for looking for a job. The main point taken here was that it is important to know what field  of sustainability we would like to work in. We should research that field and then connect with the right people and setup a network.

I was a volunteer for the dirty electricity workshop, which was really interesting. I was amazed to find out about all the dirty electricity or electromagnetic fields that are around us, in our homes and workplaces. The workshop covered, many aspects such as how to find an electr-magnetic field, and also provided some ways to avoid it.

Yesterday, I attended Doug’s workshop on permaculture. This workshop involved permaculture garden design. I really enjoyed this process as we designed our own garden space in a real garden bed. We decided where the garden would be located, where and how wide the paths would be , and designed a list of plant that would be suitable for Iowa’s growing conditions. I really enjoyed Dough, as he is a reservoir of knowledge, he truly is an exponent of the knowledge of permaculture.

Eco-Fair Stalls

I enjoyed the eco-fair, and wish that more people could of attended to learn about sustainability. My overall take home point is that if people want to make a significant change in the world they would need to certainly change their mindset as hoe they view things in life, with regard to their connection with themselves and relationship with nature.


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